Read This Before Buying an RV Mat

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After you purchase your RV, you’re going to want to keep it nice! RV mats are a simple purchase, but they can make a huge difference in keeping your RV clean and preventing wear and tear.

There are a few things to consider when purchasing an RV mat. This handy guide will help you as you think through purchasing new RV rugs and mats.

Where will you use your outdoor RV mat?

Will you be setting up an outdoor RV carpet in the mountains? In the desert? Most outdoor RV rugs are made so they won’t damage grass underneath, but you’ll want to make sure. You may want a thicker weave on an RV patio mat you’re using in the desert, to keep all the fine dirt and sand from coming through.


How big do you need your outdoor RV rug?

The size of your RV awning mat may depend on a few things – how often you pack it and how big your rig is. If you live in your RV or go trips where your RV awning rugs will be set up for a long time in one place, you may want a larger one. Also, if you like to travel in groups or entertain several people in front of your RV, you may want a bigger one that provides lots of space. Finally, if you have a larger rig, you’ll want bigger RV outdoor mats than if you have a smaller one.

How often will you use an RV camping mat?

If you live in your RV or take very long trips, you’ll want a sturdy RV camping mat to hold up to daily use. Shorter or less frequent trips may not require as thick of an RV rug.


Where will you store an RV outdoor rug?

Again, if you have a bigger rig with plenty of room for storage, you’ll have room to keep a thicker, larger RV patio rug than if you have a smaller vehicle.

What do you need to protect with an RV rug?

If you’re traveling with kids or pets, you’ll definitely want RV rugs for outside the door. Everyone can take off shoes or wipe muddy paws there before coming inside, which keeps dirt and dust to a minimum. You may even want to consider some indoor RV rugs for high-trafficked areas.. You can place RV camping mats under tables, or in other areas where kids and pets tend to congregate or make messes.

Whether you’re looking for RV mats for outside or inside your rig (or both), there are plenty of options available. They’re a great way to protect your vehicle, and also let you incorporate your own personal style into your home away from home!

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