5 Mini RV Rentals You’re Going to Love

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Mini RV trailers and motorhomes come in all forms. There are itty bitty teardrops, canned ham trailers that offer a blast from the past, truck campers, fiberglass trailers, and, of course, sleek, custom campervans. Many of these tiny RVs include all the comforts of home, from fold down beds to teeny, tiny kitchens, and you can park them anywhere!

Here are some of our favorite small RV rentals available right here on RVshare.

Cute mini RV
Image source: Deric

Retro Canned Ham Camper

Kissimmee, FL

Have you ever wanted to step back in time? You can do just that with this adorable Shasta canned ham trailer. 

Created to look just like those super cute campers from the 1960s, this mini RV still provides you with all of the amenities of a modern trailer, so you can camp in total comfort. From the perfect teal and white paint job on the outside to the old-school cabinetry and colorful upholstery inside, we can’t imagine not loving this adorably small RV!

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Teardrop trailer kitchen
Image source: Duane

Tiny Teardrop, Big Adventure

Eugene, OR

Teardrop trailers might just be the smallest of the small RVs on the market, but that doesn’t stop this adorable tiny teardrop from offering tons of adventure. 

The trailer’s shiny turquoise and silver exterior looks pretty sleek while driving down the road and invites campers into its cozy interior when the day is done. A small kitchen can be accessed from the back hatch, making cooking at your campsite a cinch, and the full size bed inside the mini is pretty much as comfy as they come. 

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Cute mini RV hitched to trailer
Image source: Jon

2017 Scamp 13’ Fiberglass Trailer

San Gabriel, CA

Another trailer type that deserves to be included on our mini RV list? The shiny white, almost comically cute fiberglass trailer, of course!

This particular fiberglass trailer looks a lot like a giant egg being pulled down the road, and we just can’t get over how cute that is. Inside, you’ll find all the comforts of home in miniature form. There’s a little cooking area, a comfy place to sleep and eat, and even a bathroom!

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Interior of awesome custom camper van
Image source: Haley and Ben

Custom Camper Van

Nottingham, NH

Of course, this article wouldn’t be complete without mentioning a camper van. Obviously, there are tons of camper vans out there, but this one stood out as an especially memorable mini RV. 

This van is completely custom made and the attention to detail is immediately obvious. We adore the wood paneling on the interior of the van, as well as the beautiful wood countertop. The fact that the van can seat up to four people with seatbelts is extra appealing, and the extra bunk above the main queen bed means that everyone will have a place to sleep, even in this small RV. 

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Super cool custom truck camper
Image source: Benjamin

Redwood Road Boat Truck Camper

San Anselmo, CA

Truck campers also fall into the mini RV category and honestly, pretty much all truck campers are cute. That said, this beautiful, custom made redwood truck camper is especially adorable. 

The camper comes installed on a relatable and easy-to-drive Toyota Tacoma that can seat up to four. While the camper itself is pretty basic in terms of amenities, the included bed is comfortable and there is plenty of room to store all the camping gear you might want to bring along. Of course, the gorgeous wood this camper is built with and the super cute porthole windows are also major selling points. 

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So what do you think? Could you camp in a mini RV? Why not give it a try by finding a small RV to rent near you? You might be surprised just how comfy such a little space can be!