7 Simple Tips for Camping With Your Dog

RV Owners

Admit it —  you’re a dog lover. Your friends and family may not understand your passion, but when it comes to camping you have to bring along your furry friend. No problem. Dog loves camping, but you have to plan ahead.

Here is the ultimate guide for camping with your dog. Be sure to read these seven tips before you head out on that RVing adventure!

1. Plan Your Trip With Care

This tip will sound obvious, but it’s amazing how many people don’t bother to plan with their pets in mind. The most important thing you can do when planning is to call ahead and make sure the place you are going allows dogs. If you are staying at a state or national park find out if they allow dogs in the campground or on the trails. For a private RV park, call ahead and ask about their pet policy. Many RV parks have rules about pet quantities, breeds, and sometimes even size restrictions. It’s always good to know before you just show up. In addition, find out where the nearest emergency vet is.

2. Get Ready

Your dog has needs just like you. Make sure you apply flea and tick meds prior to traipsing through the wilderness. Just like you spray yourself to prevent bites, if you’re camping with your dog you need to do the same for him. Pack a travel food and water bowl. Have any medication your dog might need, and be sure to bring along a pet first aid kit.

If you have room for their favorite bedding pack that too. It will really help them relax and feel at home. Campgrounds always expect you to pick up after your pup, so bring lots of poo bags and don’t forget to use them.

3. Bring the Leash

In general, while camping with your dog, they will be required to be on a leash. Even if your dog does well off-leash, remember that they will be in unfamiliar surroundings, and sometimes in situations where wild animals are nearby. Don’t risk losing them or causing them to run when they are startled. Bring two leashes – a 6-foot walking leash is perfect for areas with neighbors, and a longer leash is a great addition when hiking or exploring the great unknown.

4. Don’t Forget Your Neighbors

Your dog might be the most friendly pup in the world, but the fact is that not everyone loves dogs. If you run into someone that wants to spend time with your dog take a few minutes to assess the situation. If the other person has a dog take a moment to observe the interaction between the two animals.  Keeping your dog on the leash will help maintain control no matter what the situation.

5. Speak Out

Camping with your dog is a big adventure. Your best pal may become overly excited and misbehave just a bit. If your dog starts chasing wildlife or digging holes, speak out and discourage the negative behavior. Keep your dog in check by giving him the same type of boundaries you would if you were at home. This will comfort your pal and help him know you are still in control.

6. Keep the Bugs Aways

Bugs will be bugs. Make sure your dog has had all of his flea and tick meds prior to the trip. Every type of insect is looking to climb on board your pet and come home with you. Be sure to bring bug repellent and don’t allow your dog to walk in the woods without you. After every hike, check your pup for any hitchhikers that may have tried to catch a ride.

7. Keep It Clean

No matter where you camp, clean-up is expected. Your site should look the way it did when you arrive. This means your dog’s waste should be completely removed. Make sure that everything is disposed of in garbage cans and that your poo bags are biodegradable. When pet owners show respect for the campground they keep the campground open to pets.