RVshare Campers’ Choice Awards – The Campies 2024

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RVshare is excited to welcome our annual campground awards program, “The Campies” for its 2024 season. RVshare is dedicated to ensuring the best experience possible for renters, while also helping campgrounds around the country do the same. With a variety of submission categories, The Campies award recognition will allow campgrounds to not only highlight their commitment to excellence, but also lead travelers to book more confidently, matching them with what they value in an RV vacation, from the right features to valued amenities, and more. Plus, we have some exciting new categories this year like ‘RV Family Travel Content Creator of the Year’ and ‘Best RV and Camping Blog’.

Starting June 24th through August 2nd, 2024 RVshare welcomes all avid RV travelers, past renters, campground owners, and travel enthusiasts to nominate their favorite campgrounds in several categories. All categories and nomination forms for each can be found and submitted here.

RVs lined up next to the water at a campground

What are The Campies?

Complementing the launch of RVshare’s Campground Partnership Program in 2022, RVshare announced the Campers’ Choice Awards aka “The Campies.” This annual awards program further weaves RVshare into the fabric of the RV and outdoor travel space, while more importantly giving much-deserved credit to many campgrounds and outdoor travel experts, enthusiasts, and creators across the United States in a number of categories.

Why is RVshare doing these awards? 

RVshare is committed to ensuring the best experience possible for our renters and helping campgrounds around the country do the same. Winning a “Campie” allows campgrounds and content creators the opportunity to highlight their success and commitment to helping people make the best travel decisions. RVshare is opening the categories this year to include travel influencers to reward the creators who are oftentimes the key to successful travel planning. RVshare wants to cast a spotlight on the most beloved travel influencers and campgrounds to help renters book with confidence knowing they are getting the experiences, amenities, and features that are important to them, and heading towards the adventure of a lifetime. 

What are the categories for this year’s Campies? 

  1. RV Family Travel Content Creator of the Year
  2. RV Travel Content Creator of the Year
  3. Best RV and Camping Blog 
  4. Best RV and Camping TikTok Creator
  5. Best RV and Camping Instagram Creator 
  6. Best RV and Camping YouTube Channel  
  7. Best RV and Camping Podcast
  8. Best Luxury RV Resort
  9. Best National Park Campground
  10. Best State Park Campground 
  11. Best Alternative Camping Experience 
  12. Best Family-Friendly Campground
  13. Best Pet-Friendly Campground
  14. Best Waterfront Campground
  15. Best Campground Views 
  16. Best Campground Features and Amenities 
  17. Best Summer Escape Campground 
  18. Best Winter Escape Campground
family sitting around a campfire at dusk with an RV in the background

What will nominations look like?

Viewers can visit here to toggle through the categories and nominate their favorite campgrounds in each group. Each category will have a nomination form with spaces to include:

  • Name and Email
  • Name of campground 
  • Location of campground 
  • Campground’s website 
  • Campground’s contact information (if applicable) 
  • Region
  • Description of why this campground is getting your nomination 
couple sitting in front of a campfire next to their RV and a body of water

How are the winners selected?

Starting June 24, 2024, RVshare welcomes all travel-lovers and RVers, including past renters, avid RVers, and campground owners, to head to our Campies page and fill out nominations for their favorite campgrounds and travel creators in multiple categories. 

The nomination window will close on August 2, 2024, and finalists will be chosen based on number of votes. RVshare will contact the top 3 winners in each category and let them know they are finalists and provide them a few weeks and accompanying assets to promote their standing and encourage their followers and listeners to vote. RVshare will then announce the 2024 Campers’ Choice Award winners by September 16, 2024. Campgrounds and creators will be selected on criteria including traveler and follower sentiment, testimonials, reviews, and engagement. 

rv through the trees at a distance

What do the campgrounds win?

 To help the winning campgrounds show off their newest achievement, RVshare will provide each winner with recognition on RVshare’s blog, email and social channels, as well as a certified RVshare badge to host on their website, advertisements, social channels, media kits, etc, as well as a promotion kit and swag to show off their win.