The Road Ahead: RVshare’s Travel Outlook for Q3 2023

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This summer marks RVshare’s 10-year anniversary, and we’re thrilled to celebrate with you. Our business, and RV travel at large, has changed so much since we first began. After one of our founders, Mark, returned from his honeymoon RV trip in 2013, he began looking for a solution for their RV when they weren’t using it. RVshare was then created to connect RV owners with travelers who wished to enjoy the magic of an RV trip without having to purchase a motorhome or trailer. Since our inception in 2013, we have facilitated more than 4 million nights booked on the platform, as well as: 

  • 100,000 RV listings for rent across the US 
  • Rentals available in all 50 states 
  • An owner community of 60,000 
  • 94% 5-star reviews from satisfied customers

We are so grateful for this community we have built, and glad you’ve been along for the ride. From electric RVs to expanding the idea of camping beyond campsites – to festivals, wineries and more – we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

Along with our anniversary, this quarter holds some big travel holidays and events. Fourth of July and Labor Day attract RV campers in droves, and we’ll share some of the top spots people are visiting. With the end of the summer season brings back-to-school and tailgates, so get those trips in before the kids are back in class and remember that RVs make for the ultimate tailgating experience! 

Find the full report here.

10 things we’ve learned about RV travel in 10 years

1. Some destinations bring back RV travelers again and again. From campgrounds with the best amenities, to cities that are fun for both outdoor and urban adventures, to the state parks that families revisit every year, we love learning where our renters like to travel, and using it as inspiration for our own adventures!

2. RV camping has evolved. RV trips have extended beyond pulling up to a local campsite (though this option will never go out of style!) and now include special destinations, iconic events and new travel options.

  • RVing isn’t just for campgrounds anymore! Travelers are discovering all the unique ways to enjoy an RV trip that go beyond the classic RV vacation. RVs can also be used for enjoying festivals more comfortably, tailgating, weddings and honeymoons, motorsports, fairs, and so much more! Unique camping experiences offered by services like Hipcamp and Harvest Hosts mean parking your RV in the middle of a working farm, brewery, hot air balloon festival, or countless other places you never would have dreamed of.
  • According to RVshare insights from our 2023 Travel Trend Report, 20% of rentals are booked for event purposes like tailgating, auto and aviation shows, music festivals and more.
    • 63% Say they’re very or 100% likely to stay in an RV for multi-day festivals – a 10% increase from 2022.
    • 52% Say they’re very or 100% likely to stay in an RV for tailgating events – a 10% increase from 2022.
    • 55% Say they’re very or 100% likely to stay in an RV for hobby events.

3. RV trips are gaining popularity with a younger demographic. We spoke with a campground representative from Auburn RV Park to learn more about the travelers that visit the park and how camping has changed over the years. For example, even 10 years ago, Wifi was a nice to have, now it’s a non-negotiable for many!

Thomas from Auburn RV Park and Chairman of The Florida and Alabama RV Park & Campground Association:

Q: Tell us about your experience RVing and how it has changed over the years.

A:  I’ve been an RVer since 2004 and before that with my family in the 80’s, so I have seen a good bit of change, but none of that has been as pronounced as the changes of the past 10 years. The biggest change has in my opinion been the shift from RV users being age 65 plus to 25-55 years old. For years I would go to the Tampa RV show and it was dominated by 65-85 year olds, and while they are still the predominant part of our market, especially on the Snowbird front in Florida and Alabama, the 25-55 crowd, especially mid 30s-40s crowd, has really gotten into the market and is dominating it in every segment. The only exception seems to be the winter snowbird travelers. 

Q: Tell us more about this new crowd. What kind of trips are they taking?

A: We see it here with everything from young families doing travel ball to parents bringing kids to college and bringing all of their stuff in the RV, to really active mountain bikers, to football families. Our average age has probably gone in the past 10 years from I’d say 72 to 48 and while there are still many 80 year olds RVing, the number of 30-35 year olds RVing in the past 5 years has grown by more than I ever thought it would.

Q: What do you think is drawing these younger crowds?

 A: The biggest reasons I hear why the 25-55 year old market people camp with us at Auburn RV when I am working the front desk are #1 that they can travel with their pet or pets much easier, #2 they feel that ease of travel in an RV is far better than dealing with crowded airports and hotel and car reservations, etc. and #3 they like the bonding and friendships that seem to come easier at RV parks than at hotels.

4. RVing is for everyone and delivery makes it more accessible. Not only do we bridge the gap between owners and travelers, but now if a renter doesn’t want to drive or tow an RV, they can have it delivered right to their destination! This goes for travel all across the country — whether your campsite is just down the road or you are traveling by plane to another state, your RV will be ready and waiting for you as soon as you arrive.

  • You don’t have to own an RV to enjoy the lifestyle: Rent an RV from an owner who is happy to share their beloved vehicle with you. They will teach you how to operate it, offer tips, and give you the opportunity to enjoy a special experience you’ll remember forever.
  • Delivery makes RVing accessible to people who don’t want to drive or tow. RVshare data shows that 79% of Americans say that having delivery as an option would make them more likely to consider an RV trip in the future, and nearly half of all RV rentals were delivered in 2022. Plus, 71% of parents say they’re much more likely to consider an RV trip if the RV is delivered to their destination.

5. Our owners are busier than ever! RVshare wouldn’t be what it is today without the amazing RV owners willing to list their RVs and share the lifestyle with others. We chatted with a few members of our owner community to see how the RV world has changed, and what requests they often see from renters.

Owner: Mike Silva

RV Listings:

When did you first list with RVshare? Aug 2021

How has the business grown for the better since you began? Since being on RVshare for a while I am now able to have repeat customers who have now made my trailers a part of their annual family trips. It’s so great to make new friends and see new places while earning some money too!

Tell us about your most memorable renter experience. The most memorable renters are always people that are going on their first camping trip and are nervous and maybe even a little scared. I always like to go over every feature of the trailers to make sure they feel comfortable. They always come back and tell me how much fun they had and that they really enjoyed my trailers. 

Have your renters changed over the years? I have a wide variety of renters. I rent to people who are going on their first camping trip as well as experienced campers. I also deliver to a lot of events as well as weddings and family events. I am seeing a trend that people would rather stay in my trailers for events than a hotel. 

Anything else you’d like to share? I have 3 trailers that I now rent on RVshare.  Cleanliness is my top priority so my renters always feel comfortable.

Owners: Dale and Daisy

RV Listings:

When did you first list with RVshare? Aug 2020

How has the business grown for the better since you began? We’ve added an additional two units and now have a total of four and looking to add consignments by the end of the year.

Tell us about your most memorable renter experience. Honestly each and one of our renters have been memorable, we’ve had newlyweds, first time RV renters, birthday celebrations. Mother daughter trippers. Families with disabilities, festival goers, father and son trips. If I had to pick one that stood out the most, I’d have to say it was a family that was traveling with their special needs son, the RV made it possible for this family to have the necessities they needed to travel with their soon comfortably. Knowing that we were able to help this family enjoy their trip was really something special.

Have your renters changed over the years? Our renters have been pretty consistent over the years. Although, I have been seeing an increase in requests for Burning Man Festival and EDC festivals than I have seen in the past.

Anything else you’d like to share? Being avid campers with our own family, we realize the importance of being outdoors and exploring, and simply just disconnecting from everyday life and enjoying nature, meeting others and exploring new places. For us the most memorable experience comes from sharing that love for the outdoors with others and what better way to do that than to share our RVs with them. The connections we’ve created with our guests and being part of that experience, hearing  about their adventures on their return and the stories they share is the ultimate reward for us.

6. The pandemic sped up the RV rental industry by 5 years in 12 months. Our CEO Jon Gray weighs in on the RV industry and RVshare, including how it has evolved, plus what the future holds. Hint: We’re excited for what’s to come!

When looking back at the past 10 years, what has been the biggest challenge? 

There is a lot that comes with renting a vehicle like insurance, damages, and RV education. RVshare has faced a lot of those roadblocks head-on. One of our main goals is marketplace health which includes trust and security, a zero policy for discrimination, well-managed RV rental listings, proper insurance, and ongoing education for both renters and owners. We have made countless improvements in the last few years with the most notable being launching in-house insurance. 

What is RVshare’s future outlook? 

The RV rental market has been growing steadily in recent years, and this trend is likely to continue over the next decade. One of the major factors driving the growth of RV rentals is the increasing popularity of outdoor and experiential travel. More and more people are seeking unique and immersive travel experiences, and RV travel offers just that. Another factor that will continue to work in RVshare’s favor is the rise of the sharing economy. People are increasingly comfortable with the idea of renting out their assets, including RVs, to earn extra income. RVshare’s peer-to-peer model aligns with this trend, and the company could continue to grow as more people look to rent out their RVs.

What will the next 10 years bring? 

RVshare will continue to focus on the growth and awareness of RV rentals within the travel industry. Even though camping has grown exponentially in the last 4-5 years, it isn’t slowing down. There are more than 11 million RVs in the US and 58M camping households which is a long runway for growth, according to KOA’s camping report. With the goal of making renting an RV as easy as booking a hotel room, we hope to unify booking an RV and campground through integrations and partnerships. Campgrounds continue to expand their offerings with more and more available RV camping spots and resort-like amenities in desirable destinations. It is no wonder “glamping” is a top choice for US travelers, as one out of three leisure trips is a camping or glamping trip according to KOA’s camping report. 

7. Ask our renters, the RV life is contagious! Almost every happy reviewer lets us know that they’ll be renting again, but sometimes they love it so much they decide to buy an RV of their own.

Take this review from Andrew S: “Joe was the very best teacher!  My first time out with a RV and before I made it to the first stop sign I was hooked!  He made my trip spectacular!  As well as my friend and her 6yr old daughter.  So much in fact, I will be buying my own!  If I don’t, I will be renting from Joe exclusively.  He’s a top notch guy and had everything we needed.  RV was perfect.  Can’t thank him enough for the best experience! I highly recommend everyone renting from him!”

Or this review from Vicki R: “This was my very first RVshare rental and it was a great experience from beginning to end.  The van is exceptionally well- designed, clean, and stocked with all of the essentials for “glamping” plus some.  Nick and Lindsey were fantastic hosts, very proactive in communication and provided exceptionally detailed guidance on how to access all of the features of the van.  Thanks so much for a great rental experience! If I don’t end up buying my own camper van in the near future I would definitely look to rent from you again.”

8. National Parks reign supreme when it comes to bucket list trips and places to visit. In RVshare’s 2023 Travel Trend Report, 68% of those surveyed said say they’re very or 100% likely to stay in an RV for trips to National Parks. Our renters have visited all 63 National Parks – that’s a lot of ground covered!

  • Top National Parks for RVshare travelers
    1. Yellowstone
    2. Grand Canyon
    3. Zion
    4. Yosemite
    5. Great Smoky Mountains 
  • Top Underrated National Parks
    1. Great Basin National Park: An exceptionally dark nighttime sky makes it a top destination for stargazing enthusiasts. It is said to have the clearest view of the Milky Way in the continental United States.
    2. North Cascades National Park: Perfect for a day trip thanks to its proximity to Seattle, enjoy hiking, biking, fishing, rafting, and rock climbing.
    3. Guadalupe Mountains National Park: From the fossils to the pioneer history to the thousand-foot-high cliff of El Capitan (which shares its name with another mountain in Yosemite), there is something for everyone.
    4. Congaree National Park: Animal lovers rejoice. Wetlands, lakes, creeks, and sloughs serve as a habitat for a variety of aquatic life such as fish, birds, amphibians, reptiles, mammals, and insects. 
    5. Biscayne National Park: Boasting the biggest coral reef on the continent and housing 600 types of fish, manatees, crocodiles, sea turtles, and many birds. Enjoy guided tours that include paddleboarding among mangroves and snorkeling at shipwrecks.

9. RV travel is the best way to enjoy all kinds of fun hobbies. RVing and outdoor activities go hand in hand. According to KOA’s 2023 report the 5 most popular recreation while camping includes:

  • Fishing
  • Canoeing/Kayaking
  • Hiking 
  • Bird watching
  • Biking

10. RVing is perfect for families. No longer just a trip for grandparents and snowbirds. According to RVshare’s 2023 Travel Trend Report, RV enthusiasts span age demographics, with Millennials being the most interested age group, followed by Gen X and Gen Z. It’s a great way to bring the whole family on an amazing adventure while not only being affordable, but providing everything you need in one place: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and vehicle. 

Preparing for a long flight, hotel stay and car rental can be stressful with kids in tow. An RV trip eliminates the bad and piles on the good parts of a vacation. No more constant potty breaks or stopping for snacks – everything you need is on board! Cooking meals on the RV is convenient and cost-effective, and the kids will adore picking their bunks for the night. Many campgrounds cater to children and offer all kinds of fun, like swimming, mini golf, and family-friendly events. It’s a great way to unplug and reconnect with your loved ones while creating lifelong memories.

A thank you to our community.

To our amazing community,

I want to start by saying how grateful I am for your support and commitment to RVshare and the RV lifestyle. It is because of your trust that we are able to celebrate our ten-year anniversary this summer.

Over the past decade, RVshare has grown into the leading RV rental marketplace in the country. We have connected thousands of RV owners and travelers who are seeking new and exciting adventures, with more than 4 million nights spent sleeping under the stars. Together, we have explored the great outdoors, made memories that will last a lifetime, and helped each other along the way.

I am constantly impressed by the collection of amazing experiences shared by our passionate community of travelers and owners. Your feedback and enthusiasm for our platform have driven us to always improve our offering and revolutionize the RV rental industry.

Looking forward, we plan on continuing to innovate and enhance the user experience for both owners and renters. We aim to take RVshare to new heights, making it easier and more fun than ever before for you to rent or list an RV on our platform.

As we celebrate this milestone and reflect on the past decade, I am reminded of how grateful and proud I am of the passion, dedication, and commitment of our community. It is an honor to be on this journey with you, and we look forward to the many exciting new adventures to come.

Thank you for making RVshare what it is today, and thank you for choosing us to be a part of your adventures.


Jon Gray

By the #s

  • 4 million+ nights booked on the platform 
  • 203 Million Miles Traveled by RVshare Renters
    • That’s 8,152 times around the earth
    • That’s 800+ times to the moon and back 
    • At 60 mph it would take 380 years to drive 203 Million Miles 
  • 1000s of different RV models from almost 50+ manufacturers 
  • 49 billion memories made by RV renters in 10 years of RV rentals

RVshare X Hipcamp

We’ve partnered with Hipcamp to give away $10 million in RV campsite stays! The limited-time promotion will provide RV renters with a $70 credit toward an RV campsite booked on As of June 22, travelers who book an RV rental on or via the RVshare app will be guided to also find their RV campsite of choice through Hipcamp. The offer is valid for one Hipcamp booking with trip dates falling between June 22, 2023 and December 31, 2023. We’re excited to work with Hipcamp and streamline the RV campsite booking experience for RVshare renters.

Fourth of July and Labor Day Travel

Cookouts. Family Time. Outdoor Adventure. Music. Fourth of July and Labor are top travel and camping holidays for a reason! Nothing beats parking your camper, firing up the grill, playing lawn games and ending the evening around the campfire. Whether you’re traveling with the family or a group of friends, you can’t beat an RV trip for these summer holidays. Wondering where RVshare travelers are heading? Here are some top destinations.

Top destinations for 4th of July: 

  1. The Gorge Amphitheatre (Psst check out our amazing packages for events at the Gorge)
  2. Grand Canyon, AZ
  3. Lazy E Arena, OK 
  4. Yellowstone National Park 
  5. South Higgins Lake State Park 

Labor Day: 

  1. Rocklahoma, OK / Pryor, OK 
  2. Virginia International Raceway , Alton, VA 
  3. Yosemite National Park 
  4. State College, PA (Penn State) 
  5. Great Smoky Mountains National Park

Tailgating in an RV

Nothing beats tailgating in an RV. A full kitchen to stash and cook food in, setting up the grill with the game playing on your outdoor TV, lawn chairs and games all around for your friends to enjoy as you watch your favorite teams. It’s the best of both worlds: RV camping and Football.

Favorite colleges for tailgating

  1. Penn State
  2. Texas A&M 
  3. Ohio State University
  4. Ole Miss (University of Mississippi)
  5. Auburn University

Favorite NFL tailgating

  1. Kansas City Chiefs
  2. Green Bay Packers
  3. Philadelphia Eagles
  4. Cleveland Browns
  5. Houston Texans

Air Venture Oshkosh | July 24-30 | Oshkosh, WI

The biggest aviation event in the world offers a wide variety of aircraft including Warbirds, Vintage, Homebuilts and Ultralights.

Nascar Weekend at Watkins Glen International | Aug 16-20 | Watkins Glen, NY

A weekend of fun at NASCAR’s only trip to New York State is one of the most anticipated stops on the series schedule. Watkins Glen offers one of the best camping experiences in motorsports.

Burning Man Aug 27-Sept 4 | Black Rock Desert, NV

Burning Man is an annual art and culture event known for its radical self-expression, community participation, and temporary city built by its attendees.

Imagine Music Festival | Sept 15-17 | Kingston Downs, Georgia

An eclectic blend of electronic digital music, yoga workshops, circus acts, aquatic themes, and quirky antics taking place over 3 days. Check out RV packages here!


Find the report here, along with three camping tips from our partners at Hipcamp!