This Handmade Truck Camper Needs No Translation!

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The story of Mr. Shafi’i’s handmade truck camper could originate in any town in America, but it doesn’t.  Mr. Shafi’i can be found in Hafte-Tir square which is in Tehran, Iran. Hafte-Tir is in the central part of Tehran. In 1981, this area was the site of a bombing that killed 73 leaders of Iran’s Islamic Republican Party.

Mr. Shafi’i built a handmade camper on the back of his Saipa pickup. His story could be anyone’s story. It’s about his love of camping and doing it his way. I think, we can all relate to that.

Susan Khalili

His welcome sign is proudly displayed where ever he goes. As he often stays in the business area of Hafte-Tir square, it means even the shop owners know him and often come out to visit.

Susan Khalili


Shop-owner-and-truck-camper-owner (1)
Susan Khalili


Mr. Shafi’i has three grandchildren and they love to visit his handmade camping home. What a delightful place he has made it. It’s clear he has all the comforts built-in!

He has a gas-powered heating system and a stove, so he can even cook a meal for his visitors. He also has a handmade spice rack conveniently located in the galley, for his herbs and spices.

Susan Khalili


Susan Khalili


He proudly displays his love of plants and as you can see, he finds clever places to incorporate them throughout his camper. I plan to borrow this great idea for my camper!

The handmade touches are evident
The handmade touches are evident! – Susan Khalili
Handmade Garden -Susan Khalili


Take a look at Mr. Shafi’i’s living quarters. The handmade touches would make any camper feel right at home. It definitely brings new meaning to the word “compact!”

The main living area- Susan Khalili
A comfy place to sleep- Susan Khalili


Mr. Shafi’i built his handmade truck camper to suit his personal style. He says he doesn’t have the time or energy to make another one anytime soon. Certainly, we can all relate to that!

Happy camping!

Susan Khalili